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I am a fully accredited, registered and insured Gestalt Psychotherapist, with a practice in North Fitzroy - 3 kms from the Melbourne CBD. 

With over 20 years of professional experience I have worked with people who present with a broad range of issues. My work experience includes working in private practice, and for agencies such as Community Health counselling programs which included mental health, drug, alcohol & gambling addiction programs. I have also worked for an agency providing Sexual Assault and Family Violence counselling programs.

I am committed to creating a safe therapeutic space in which to explore themes, patterns, deep psychological issues and ways of being.  I offer a high level of presence, warmth and compassion. I treat my clients with respect and honour them as unique individuals as they undertake their therapeutic journey.



My clients enter therapy for a variety of reasons. Some want help with a specific problem, transition, or crisis. Others wish to explore long-standing patterns and out-dated ways of being that have held them back in their lives.

The therapeutic journey can be exciting and full of self-discovery. Completing your unfinished developmental gestalts has the potential to lead you to your individuated, confident, authentic, creative and expressive self.

I will accompany you as you develop trust in the therapeutic process; develop a deeper understanding of yourself, take more risks by trying new ways of approaching your world and those in it, and experience greater inner stillness, peace and happiness.


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To start your journey with me phone 0421 983 132, use the contact form below, or view the Contact Me page for further contact options.  You also have the option of booking in a free 15 minute phone consultation before deciding to commence therapy with me.

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