About Maeve



With over 20 years of professional experience - employed in private practice and in Community Health, Family Violence & Sexual Assault counselling programs - I have worked with people who present with a broad range of issues, including but not limited to, trauma resulting from sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse, severe neglect, survivors of war, veterans of war, survivors of torture; as well as people who have suffered trauma from witnessing violence, terrorism and surviving natural disasters. 

I have also worked extensively with people who have suffered from grief and loss, substance abuse and other addictions, suicidal ideation and intention, relationship and family issues, family violence, difficulties with life transitions, anxiety and depression, and I have worked with people who are facing death and dying.

My work has included offering therapeutic services to people experiencing vicarious trauma also known as compassion fatigue, indirect trauma or secondary traumatic stress.  Vicarious trauma can be experienced by health, court and emergency service workers, jury members and others. People who listen to first hand experience of trauma, read or listen to victim/survivor statements, see and hear court evidence are all at risk of vicarious trauma.

In relation to group work, I have co-facilitated group debriefing sessions after traumatic events and I have also co-facilitated groups that focus on dual diagnosis issues. I have provided secondary consultation to a group of 30 health professionals on a monthly basis for over a 12 month period.

My particular interest is in working with trauma, having trained here in Australia and the USA and I am committed to creating a safe therapeutic space in which to explore themes, patterns, deep psychological issues and ways of being.  I offer a high level of presence, warmth and compassion. I treat my clients with respect and honour them as unique individuals as they undertake their therapeutic journey.

After completing my four year training to become a Gestalt Therapist, I have remained committed to my professional development. Training with visiting, cutting edge, international Gestalt Therapists, has enabled me to stay current and passionate about my work in this field.  

International Gestalt Therapists that I have trained with include: Judith Hemming - Working Systemically with Family Constellations (UK), Dr Lynne Jacobs, PhD & Dr Gary Yontef, PhD - Radically Relational: Understanding and Living Relational Practice in Gestalt Therapy (USA), Dr James Kepner, PhD - Working with Body Processes (USA) and Dr Frank-M Staemmler, PhD - Ego, Anger and Attachment (Germany).

In 2010, I travelled to Esalen Institute, California, USA where I trained with Dr Peter Levine, PhD - Founder of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute.

Other professional development events that I have attended were presented by Dr David Wallin, PhD - Attachment in Psychotherapy (USA) and Dr Bessel van der Kolk, PhD - The Body Keeps the Score (USA) and Babette Rothschild - Self-Care for Counsellors Working with Trauma (USA).  

I am currently studying to become a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and I have completed the Intermediate (2nd) year of the three year course with Somatic Experiencing Australia.  In March 2017, I travelled to the USA once again to train with Dr Peter Levine, PhD and completed a Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute Master Class - Sexual Trauma: Healing the Sacred Wound.

My experience as a Gestalt Therapist has been enriched over the years by providing therapeutic services to people from varied cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

I am a fully accredited, registered and insured Gestalt Therapist.

I have a Medibank Private Provider Number where rebates to members can apply depending on the insurance policy.

Phone: 0421 983 132 to make enquiries or an appointment.